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My name is Fallon de Silva and I am here to help you live a happy and full life with your pet. My training philosophy focuses on the welfare of both your companion and you as pet owner.

After studying (human) pyschology for four years at Leiden University, I moved to Thailand for a year to teach and travel. But I ended up spending most of my time volunteering at a dog shelter, animal clinic, and elephant sanctuary. This, and the adoption of my Thai dog Riley, triggered the change in career path and lead to me to a two-year Postgraduate in Clinical Animal Behaviour at Odisee University (accredited by the SPPD).

I adore all animals, but my true passion lies with dogs. However, if you need help with your cat or small mammal, I am available for this too!

"Adopting the concept of
One Welfare* could help to improve animal welfare and human well-being worldwide."

 (Pinillos et al., 2016)

*One Welfare highlights the interconnections between animal welfare, human wellbeing and the environment. The increase in awareness and education is key to improving efficiency in local and global networks of those working in animal welfare, human well-being, and environmental issues. 


My journey into animal behaviour is greatly due to my dog, Riley. Together we have faced our fears and overcome our fair share of difficult experiences. By helping Riley work through, among others, fear of new places and people, and building her confidence, I have learnt how powerful providing choice and control (as well as positive training) can be in an animal's life. 

I believe we should teach animals how to live satisfying lives in our world using science-based methods, while providing compassion, choice and self-empowerment in our pet's life.

My philosophy centers on "One Welfare" to improve the welfare of animals, as well as that of pet owners. Together, we look at the ways you and your pet can live in harmony in the most safe and happy way, while strengthening your bond.

My training method looks beyond the conventional "obedience" ideas and into teaching companion animals essential skills to live successfully in our life, while providing plenty of opportunities to engage in those behaviours natural to the species.

I offer private dog training and behavioural therapy in English or Dutch at your home! You will experience a fully customized service with a personal trainer!


Bachelor and Master Psychology Leiden University - Cum Laude

Clinical Animal Behaviour Postgraduate Odisee - Cum Laude

Canine Nutrition CPD Certified Level 3 - Higher Distinction

Black and white dog with tongue sticking out

Why "A Dog's Two Scents?"

Someone's two cents


Someone's opinion about something, especially when it was not asked for or wanted.

Our dog's opinion or feelings, or that of any of our pets, is often not taken into consideration in our daily lives. Our companion's lives are completely controlled by us as their owners, when they eat, when they go out etc. Rarely do people consider their pet's input in daily interactions and situations. 

This is where I come in to show you how beneficial it can be to start taking your dog's (or other animal's) two (s)cents into consideration! 

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