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"Tail me about it"

 - Stories from Pet Owners I Helped -

Shiba Inu puppy

Fallon is a highly qualified and experienced psychological trainer of small animals who from the first moment impressed Haito, our 4 months old male Shiba Inu. It was love at first sight as she released all her practical know how to let him grow in his weekly trainings to a super behaving and gentle dog, especially with my grandchildren.

Marcia, Leo, and Haito - Overijse

We adopted Elvis, a two year old
Scottish Terrier as her former owner couldn’t take care of her anymore. Due to the lady's health issues, Elvis was not used to going for walks nor was she fully toilet trained. She (yes Elvis is a she ;)) is great with our other dog,  the kids and ourselves but when going outside she tends to be aggressive with other dogs, walkers and cyclists.

Fallon gave us valuable advice on how to handle this and we have seen a good improvement. The toilet training is going fine as well. Fallon is very nice with the dogs and we would recommend a “Fallon treatment” to any dog with similar  issues.

Laurence, Pieter, and Elvis - Overijse

Black Scottish Terrier
Grey and white American Staffordshire

What we most appreciate about Fallon is her gentle approach to discipline and her philosophy in general. She treats dogs with respect and showed us how to train Tokyo with that same respect. Far from the old-fashioned authoritarian methods we were taught 20 years ago, we have now learned the joys of long-leash walking and reward-based behavior training. The result is a much calmer atmosphere, both at home and on our walks. Tokyo is happy and well-adjusted and has responded fabulously well to Fallon’s methods.

Having completed the 5-week program with Fallon, we now know we are on the right track to making sure that Tokyo is on her way to becoming a well-behaved and happy adult dog.

Carrie, Nicola, and Tokyo - Overijse

After being overwhelmed with the amount of puppy training ‘advice’ I could find online, I decided to work with Fallon hoping that we could tackle some of the behavioural challenges we were facing with Norman, our Norwegian Elkhound pup… But in just a few short weeks we were able to achieve so much more.


Her science-based approach centred around positive training and positive reinforcement worked like an absolute charm. She was able to transform my boisterous pup into one that is willing to listen to commands and is super receptive to new forms of training.


You can tell that Fallon has put a lot of thought and care into designing a program that’s focused on the animal’s welfare. It covered a lot of information, delivered in concise chunks that were easy to absorb. The structure was clear, logical, and most importantly, very effective.


But it wasn’t just about the new knowledge. What makes her stand out from other puppy trainers is the incredible connection she shares with Norman. Because of her empathetic nature she’s able to create a very fun and safe training environment; she’s a real joy to work with!


I now feel equipped and confident to take on the next phase of training, knowing that Fallon’s there for additional advice and support.

Niclas and Norman - Rixensart

Black and brown Norwegian Elkhound dog
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