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Basic consultation

You do not have any "major" issues, like an anxious pet, and aren't in need of a full treatment plan. You are simply seeking some advice or have a relatively simple issue to deal with. For example, pulling on the lead.


€ 75, - / 60 min (incl. BTW)*

*No transportation fees applied up to 10km

Behavioural Analysis

You are struggling with one or more behavioural challenges, your companion animal exhibits and need a detailed and tailored treatment plan. Think of an adult dog with excessive fear, a cat that has started urinating inside the house, or a rabbit that bites whenever you want to pet them.

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 1 & 2

A pre-designed puppy training package of 5 weekly sessions (60 min). This includes all the basics of training to help your companion become the well-adjusted and happy adult dog you have always dreamed of!

In-house training

You will get all the benefits of Daycare Training or Board and Train services, but in your own home! Your dog will be trained by a certified professional (me!), without you even needing to be present. 

Common Difficulties for Pet Owners I Can Help With 

  • My dog pulls me along on walks, it is uncomfortable and sometimes unsafe.

  • My dog does not listen to me and has no attention for me, especially in the presence of other dogs or new environments. 

  • I am unable to leave my dog alone at home without them crying, barking, destroying or eliminating inside.

  • I cannot let my dog off leash because I am afraid they won't come back when called.  

  • I often feel frustrated or angry with my dog. 

  • My dog is scared whenever we go on walks. 

  • My dog eliminates, i.e. pees and poops, inside the house.

  • My dog barks at anyone passing by us, out on walks or in the garden. 

  • My dog wants to chase cars, cyclists, joggers, dogs, or prey.

  • I don't feel comfortable taking my dog to public places but would like to. 

  • My dog jumps up at unfamiliar people and dogs. 

  • My dog growls or barks at (unfamiliar) people or other dogs.

  • My dog snaps or bites

  • My dog is scared of (unfamiliar) people and/or dogs

  • My dog only listens to one person in the family and not the rest.

  • My dog is scared of loud noises like thunder, storms, or firework. 

Running Dog vector image
  • My cat eliminates, i.e., pees and/or poops, inside the house. 

  • My cat is biting and/or scratching people. 

  • My cats are fighting.

  • My cat does not get along with my other pet(s). 

  • My cat is waking me up during the night and disrupting my sleep

  • My cat is scared

  • My cat is attacking my children. 

  • My cat is vocalizing, i.e., miauwing, a lot. 

  • My cat is stealing things around the house. 

  • My cat bites or scratches when you try pet them.  

  • My cat is chewing and destroying inappropriate things around the house. 

  • My cat is scared of loud noises.

  • I am getting a new dog/cat but already have a cat and I want them to become friends. 

  • My cat is eating inappropriate items around the house. 

Girl and Cat
  • My rabbit bites people or other pets. 

  • My hamsters are fighting.

  • My guinea pig is often scared, e.g. stops eating when I come close.

  • My rabbit is behaving strangely, e.g. running around in circles.

  • My pet does not get along with my other pet.   

Small Mammals

Rabbit · Hamster · Mouse · Other

Image of brown hamster
Image of black and white rabbit
Image of white mouse

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